five for friday

  1. I watched the inauguration today. It was painful and it made me sad. And teary eyed. And panicky. That’s all I want to say about that right now.
  2. My pal, Kara, flew in from Denver today. We have had a fun day catching up. She’s in bed now so I have some alone time before D and I hang out.
  3. My business partner’s wife is the lead organizer for the women’s march in Saint Louis. Our firm donated (because duh) and our name is prominently displayed on the back of the event shirt, which is really fucking cool. Not so much because of publicity (though that is awesome) but just because I’m so proud to support such a vital protest.
  4. Tonight Frey told me that she has thought of me as her step-mom for a long time now, that she calls me such to her friends at school, and also tells them that I’m the best/coolest step-mom ever. I almost cried. My heart is so full, you guys.
  5. Social media is so nasty today. I wish people didn’t have to be so hateful. Both sides are guilty of this.
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  1. I can’t help agreeing with you about social media at the moment – it’s become dominated by all sorts of people who talk a lot, complain a lot, and yet do very little to change anything. It’s easy to ignore for a short time, but when it continues on, it starts to chip away at you.

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