this and that

  • My joints hurt.
  • I’m wearing a very retro looking dress today. D says I look like I could be in Mad Men.
  • I’m in feasibility hell. Basically, I’m reviewing all my Chapter 13 cases to make sure they will pay out what is necessary for the client(s) to receive a discharge. MEH.
  • Date night tonight! The first night out after a long stretch with the kiddos is always a fun one.
  • My associate told me he ran into a colleague of mine last night at court who said all kinds of grossly inappropriate sexual things about me. To my fucking employee. I’m way pissed.
  • I found this really cute cat tattoo that I want to get. Maybe this weekend.
  • I’d be up for another piercing too.
  • I’m planning on going through my closet over the next few weeks and packing up a bunch of stuff I don’t wear anymore. I have so much stuff in there right now that it’s overwhelming. We have a large walk-in closet and poor D only gets a tiny corner.
  • We’re going to a (new to us) beer festival this weekend with some friends that’s about 60 – 90 minutes away. Yay! We’re staying overnight so that will be a fun little mini vaca.
  • We have several weekend trips planned already this year:
    • Louisville for V-day weekend.
    • New Orleans in April.
    • Nashville in May to see Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds!!!
  • I’ve had to miss my last two monthly hair appointments and so I’ve taken to covering my grays with mascara. Luckily, I have an appointment this Friday.
  • The fuck face ass clowns that don’t understand that the ACA and Obamacare are the same fucking thing make me stabby as all fuck.
  • D made a comment on his most recent blog post that we seem way cooler online than we actually are in real life, and that is so fucking accurate that I had to laugh out loud.



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