in other (less depressing) news…

D is day drunk and snoring away on our hotel bed. We still need two stamps to complete the Urban Bourbon Trail (and win a t-shirt…lol). We are going to need to rally tonight. We will win, god dammit.

So much booze, so little time.

It’s weird because way back in the day (read: college days) I was a huge bourbon fan and drank it like it was water. Then there was this incident circa 2000 where I drank Lynchberg Lemonades (5) while taking a med that the doctor vehemently told me not to drink on (and I did anyway because I was like 22 years old and thought I was invincible) where I ended up in the emergency room getting a shot in my ass so I’d stop vomiting. Since then…I can’t really tolerate the bourbon. A similar scenario occurred in high school with peppermint schnapps. *shudder*

Now I’m a craft beer and wine girl for the most part, with the occasional Fireball shot.

He’s still snoring, btw.




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