people are assholes

My phone was stolen today and I’m fucking pissed.

So D and I were at O’Shea’s in Louisville enjoying a drink/trying to get our stamps for the Urban Bourbon Trail. Some chick came up and asked me a question, which I answered. I had my phone in front of me on the bar because I had been taking lots of pics (because I’m a tourist). A few minutes later, I look down and my phone is gone. I quickly dug through my bag though I knew it wasn’t in there, and alerted the staff that my phone had been stolen. They knew exactly who had taken it with almost no info from me, and one of the bartenders started chasing after her. I knew it was pointless though.

Turns out this same lady had been chatting up another couple (where the female had her phone out on the bar) and seemingly was trying to steal her phone, but was thwarted when the couple never moved their eyes from her.

The best part is that there was a table of like 8 cops having lunch near the door and none of them thought it was weird that a chick ran down like three people to escape the establishment with my phone. I talked a bit of shit to them, like I do. They cared not at all. Fuck them. This is why people hate cops. On the one hand, I get that my stolen phone is very low priority, but on the other hand, they could have at least pretended to care. So fuck them super hard. Fuckers.

I’m not naive enough to think I’m getting the phone back, so I used the iPad the staff provided to report the phone as stolen and shut it down. Good luck with the worthless paperweight you stole, you stupid fucking bitch.

You know what sucks? I try to be a good person who keeps an open mind and doesn’t stereotype people, and now I feel like failure to be that kind of asshole resulted in me getting robbed. And though it would never occur to me to vote for Trump EVER, I just want to say: this is why people voted for Trump.

Whatever. I’m going to keep on keeping on.

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