the LEEP procedure was quite unpleasant. Not gonna lie. Painful, bloody, gross. *shudder* 

At least I didn’t puke and pass out like I did when they inserted my IUD four years ago. That came out today too so she warned me I’d be a hormonal mess for a bit. Sorry in advance, babe!

Originally, I was under the impression I’d be on pelvic rest for three weeks, but it sounds like it will be less so YAY!!!

I had to buy maxi pads today. I haven’t had to buy those in four years. It felt a bit weird. 

Most importantly, my doc said she believes the bad cells were localized and hadn’t spread to the point where a hysterectomy would be required, though we won’t know for sure for about a week. 

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this day of bed rest as much as possible (considering I’m cramping like whoa). I have pain pills, muscle relaxers, xanax, Diet Pepsi, books, and my cat. I think I’m all set until D comes home. 

I have a warm, purr-rific cat sleeping on my belly. Best heating pad ever! 

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