Am I right side up or upside down? 

I want to go an entire day where I only eat maraschino cherries. 

Dave Matthews Band is the greatest band of all time. We are going to do a DMB road trip vaca next time they tour, which I expect will be summer 2018. Squee. 

I feel pretty. For like a minute every day. 

I heard the Godsmack song Whatever for the first time this afternoon and I was like whoa.  Totally my thoughts today. 

I could really go for some fucking cake right now. 

D just called me a hot brunette punk chick and I giggled. 

I need Voloom.

Omg we are fake arguing and he’s fucking with my head. 


I’m worried though. 

But don’t cry for me…Argentina. 

Reminder: Microfest tickets. 

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