life lessons

Yesterday, some kid punched Jackson in the nose because he didn’t like a knock knock joke Jackson told. Jackson is fine, but it started a conversation in the car between the kids and me. Freya mentioned that she has never had a kid hit her at school and I told her that wasn’t surprising. All the girl fights I have ever seen were at least middle school aged, but usually high school and beyond.

Freya: is that because they are fighting about boys?

Me: Yes, usually.

Freya: I have a friend (10) who is fighting with a girl (12) about a boy (11) because he is saying he likes both of them.

Me: There is no boy in the world worth fighting over. If a boy puts you in that sort of position then he is not worth your time and you should drop him like a bad habit. Let the other girl have him. You are an amazing person and you deserve to be treated with respect. Anyone, boy or girl, who doesn’t respect you shouldn’t have a place in your life.

Freya: That makes sense. Fighting over boys is silly.

Jackson: I promise I will never be that kind of boy, mommy.

Me: I love you both. You’re awesome.


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