weekend stuff


  • Spent the entire day reading. I finished Difficult Women, started & finished The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, and then started Girls in the Moon.
  • Ventured out to one of our favorite places in the city for dinner and pre-drinks (we were supposed to meet up with friends at Urban Chestnut after) and I got so fucking annoyed by Mardi Gras douche bags that I had to bail. I fucking hate Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day and any other holiday that is just an excuse to drink. It brings out the absolute worst in people.
  • I could go on, but I’m going to be nice and shut the fuck up on that subject.
  • Besides, I ranted to D about it last night.
  • So anyway…we ended up having dinner in the suburbs and then going back to the house where we did various fun things that make us happy.
  • And so the night was salvaged. Though I do regret not seeing my friends. But I feel like I made the right decision to shield everyone from my epic bitchiness.


  • There is lots of laundry to be done. In process currently.
  • D made brunch.
  • Reading. Of course.
  • I need to set up HBO Go and get all caught up with the new season of Girls.
  • The gym. Meh.
  • Shopping. I’m thinking Target, since we have a variety of things we need. We need Diet Pepsi, for example, but we also need a vacuum cleaner. So Target it is.
  • Really I’ll just use any excuse to go to Target.
  • D has taken to watching D&D campaigns on YouTube. He’s doing it right now. This is Spence’s influence at play.
  • I’d kill for a fucking bubble bath. One more week.
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  1. This is where I guiltily admit to watching a D&D channel on YouTube to try and learn the rules properly, so I could be Dungeon Master in a game for my kids. I’m still rubbish at it, but I only know one person that plays. Our washing machine is still going now – late on Sunday night – it’s been on all weekend…

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