12:40 am Tuesday

  • I can’t relax. 
  • I have to be awake in like 5 1/2 hours. 
  • Sigh.
  • I’m all over the place with blog stuff. I deleted all my tumblr blogs tonight and started a newbie. 2500 followers gone…just like that. 
  • Honestly? It feels amazing. I’ve been feeling overexposed for a long time. 
  • Expression is important (to me).
  • The tumblr app reminds me why I love WordPress so much though. Holy shit that app blows. 
  • My right hand fucking kills. 
  • I saw this meme the other day that said something like: all out of spoons, all that’s left are knives. 
  • That’s basically how I feel right now. 
  • My fellow spoonies will understand. 
  • Don’t worry about a thing. Cuz every little thing is gonna be alright. 
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  1. After I deactivated, I created a new account purely to reserve the name (telespoke) – but haven’t done anything with it yet. I’m loath to have more than one blog, unless I just use Tumblr like a scrapbook maybe.

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