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Freya has been begging for a couple of weeks now to order pizza from Domino’s.

Tonight I finally caved because I have an epic headache, am exhausted, and was so not in the mood to go to the grocery store. Plus, D is teaching and I’m not even hungry so…pizza delivery it is.

I told her we were getting Domino’s for dinner and she cheered. So then it shows up and she cheers again. I give both kids two pieces.

I leave for a bit and come back. I ask her if she wants more pizza. She says, “Domino’s is gross.” I’m like, “But I thought you loved Domino’s?” She shrugs.

I start cleaning up in the kitchen and she asks, “Can I have another piece of pizza?”

Me, confused, “Um…yeah of course.”

At this point there are only two pieces left and she says, “Are you and dad going to want any of this because I’m probably going to eat the rest if you don’t.”

Me: *head explodes from epic confusion*

Kids, man.


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