you ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out

Today is hair cut day. I want bangs.

This morning at court a male colleague of mine congratulated me on my engagement, but then ruined it by asking if the sex is any good. I was like…um wtf, dude?

I went off on him a bit, but only after I assured him that the sex is quite fucking excellent.

His concern is so touching. *sarcasm alert* These motherfuckers are bold as shit, dude. Gotta put em in their place.

I’m wearing new polka dot leggings today. Grey with black dots. Under a black dress. With cranberry flats.  I have all the cute today.

Shout out to my business partner for taking the morning court in Cape this morning so I didn’t have to wake up at five am. (Cape is a city approximately 2 hours away from STL).

Due to this lovely development, I got to get my drink on last night with D. Also, it was wine club pick up night. Yay.

I still had to go to bed earlier than I would have liked because I had court this morning.

D does this adorable thing where he pouts when I go to bed because he wants us to keep hanging out. It makes me smile.

I’m reading three books currently: fiction, non-fiction, poetry.

I can already tell this day is going to drag because it’s motherfucking Friday and all I want to do is get the weekend going.

PS: STL weather is ridiculous as shit and I hate it. It was like 75 yesterday. Today it is 35. Tomorrow it is going to snow.

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