another list post

  • It’s snowing but not really sticking.  That didn’t stop people from driving like they were in a fucking blizzard though. Grr.
  • I wish it was a blizzard and we were at home enjoying a snow day.
  • I’m exhausted. Jackson had a nightmare last night and so I was up with him for a while. We ended up camping out on the couch.
  • Speaking of Jack, he’s with me in the office again this morning. His dad will be picking him up around lunchtime for a trip to the science center. He’s very excited.
  • I have babies on the brain and a touch of baby fever. It has been this way since my doc pulled my IUD. My hormones are a mess. It doesn’t help that my Colorado bestie is pregnant and my Boston besties just had the cutest baby ever.
  • D and I have discussed another baby at length, however, and are on the same page.
  • I finished The Scarlet Letter a couple of nights ago. I read it in high school like everyone else, but I have decided to re-read some of the classics and this was my first choice. I found it interesting how different a reading experience it was as a 37-year-old versus as a 13-year-old. Having actually had sex and my own experiences with adultery made a big difference. In addition, my views on religion are completely different. As a kid, I went to church regularly. As an adult, I am an Atheist. Those Puritans were a fucking shit show for real.
  • I watched Naked & Afraid at the gym on Sunday and that shit was super interesting.
  • I forced myself to run two miles last night even though I was exhausted and not feeling it at all. My reward was my first bath since my biopsy and LEEP. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. I think I stayed in there for an hour.
  • This day is going to drag. I can already tell.
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