tick tock (ya don’t stop)

The thing about owning a grandfather clock is that only grandfathers seem to know how to fix them. There are only a few local clock repairmen in the area, and they are all old guys. Our clock hasn’t worked since the movers dropped it back in August, and I finally made time to schedule an appointment to have someone come to the house to look at it. (The memory of the incident makes me cringe. I’ve never moved so quickly in my life as I did trying to catch that clock. Haha). So this morning the repairman was on his way and called me because he was lost. I asked him about GPS and he told me he only had a map. An old map. I live in a very new subdivision. So…that was fun. But the good news is that he finally arrived and fixed the clock. Yay! I can’t wait to hear it chiming throughout the house when I get home tonight.

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