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This is the stuff currently in my Modcloth cart just waiting on me to purchase. It’s all pretty much a go, except I can’t decide about the black and white polka dot dresses. Do I buy both or are they too similar? If I only buy one, which one should it be? The bottom one is a looser fit, which I’m a bit conflicted about typically, but it would look cute with a pink or red belt. HELP!!

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  1. hey jenn!

    my name is ellen and i’m a huge fan of yours! i read all of your posts and love seeing how happy you are in your new home with your family! i’m 20 years old and trying to get on the right path with my own life and would love to chat with you sometime! you’re kind of a celebrity in my mind 🙂 i really like the looser fit polka dot black and white dress, it would definitely look cute with a colored belt! good luck shopping!

    • Hi Ellen! Thank you so very much for your kind comments and the fashion advice. I’d be happy to chat with you! Feel free to add me on Facebook. I believe the link is at the top of my blog.

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