stuff that happened last night

  • sat at a bar drinking Sprite. i haven’t done that since i was a kid.
  • (yes, i sat at lots of bars as a kid. my childhood was…interesting.)
  • went to a favorite place for the first time in a while only to discover it has gone downhill. boo.
  • scallops with mushroom risotto and goat cheese cream for dinner. nom.
  • insomnia cookies. their s’mores cookie may be the tastiest cookie ever. i am so grateful to not live in their delivery area anymore. my waistline couldn’t handle it.
  • ran through the streets of the cwe in a dress and extremely uncomfortable flats. for reasons.
  • heard the chiming of the grandfather clock for the first time in months.
  • impulse shopped a lularoe pop-up after indulging in some herbal refreshment. the late night impulse shopping happens more than i’d like to admit.
  • business time. *insert winky face*
  • dmb live at piedmont park dvd.
  • talking and dreaming and planning with my gingy.
  • took a sleeping pill and passed the fuck out.
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