stuff about today 

  • Finished a book. Started a book. 
  • Migraine hell.
  • Amazon order. I bought my own D&D player’s handbook and dice set. As well as a tarot set, two books of poetry by my new fave local poet, and the two remaining DMB dvds we didn’t already have. Those dvds get a lot of play around here. 
  • Started 30 Day Shred (again). My body is fucking weary as shit. Can’t beat the results though, and I have a wedding dress to wear in October. It’s time for balls to the wall, baby.
  • Went a bit crazy at a Lularoe pop up. 😜 I decided to give Carly another chance. 
  • All the laundry. Cleaning, folding, and putting away clothes for four people is a real fucking drag. As is all the vacuuming and dusting and constantly picking up of all the things. We need a maid. 
  • Scheduled delivery of our new buffet for Saturday. So very excited!
  • Cried while listening to a few of my favorite classical pieces. I’m way emotional today for no particular reason. 
  • Peed on a stick, as makes sense when one finds themself suddenly extremely nauseous and overly emotional following weeks of unprotected sex.
  • Dreading tomorrow’s dental appointment but very much looking forward to tomorrow night’s happy hour with my fave lady lawyers. 
  • Thinking about sending out feelers about starting up a book club. 
  • Took a sleeping pill because I’m all fucking amped up for some reason. 
  • Soon I shall pass out and it will be glorious.
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