the yays have it!

  • Spring thunderstorms? Yay.
  • Spring allergies? Boo.
  • People driving like idiots because of aforementioned thunderstorms? Boo.
  • Finding out you owe the IRS like $8000 in income taxes? Boo.
  • Not freaking out about it because you’ve got this? Yay.
  • Ant problem in the office? Boo. Ugh.
  • Two pairs of surprise leggings in the mail from your favorite LLR consultant (and they’re adorable too!) ? Yay.
  • Massive to-do list and minuscule motivation? Boo.
  • Knowing the massive to-do list = successful (read: profitable) law firm? Yay.
  • Crossing things off the to-do list? Yay!
  • Thursday night date night in the city?  Major yay. Double yay!


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