weekend recap

  • How is it Sunday already? Boo!
  • Yesterday, Frey and I went to Michaels and bought some stuff for the house. There were a couple of bird cages I wanted as finishing touches for the entry way table. We bought her some LED string lights (lantern style) for her bedroom and she was so excited. It’s weird, but our little Michaels excursions are some of our best bonding time. *heart*
  • Today D put together Jack’s new desk & chair and Jackson is just thrilled about it. I love it when the kids are happy.
  • Milestone with the kids last night. They are growing up so fast. Too fast.
  • D and I went out to a friend’s graduation party last night, and it ended up feeling more like a swinger party. Haha. It was fun though.
  • Schlafly Hoppy Wheat and Schlafly Rye IPA are pretty tasty.
  • Better Call Saul.
  • D&D tonight with the kids. And fro-yo.
  • I’m really enjoying this final season of Girls.
  • Recently I’ve had several women in their early to mid twenties reach out to me for advice and/or tell me they consider me a role model. I’m very touched by this. Like…wow. Thanks, ladies. xoxo
  • Our bedroom closet situation is not good and, as a result, our bedroom floor is covered with clothes. We’ve decided to purchase an armoire for D. He will move most of his clothing into it and then I will take over the entire closet. I believe we will both be happier this way.
  • The weather was gorgeous yesterday so D and I went on a run together. I did way better than I expected, and it felt amazing to be out in the fresh air.
  • I can’t believe it’s April already. We have a busy month ahead. I’m tired just thinking about it.
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