what would you say?

I had an entire post in my head all weekend and now I’m going to fuck it up because I’m high intoxicated.

Okay so kind of a weekend recap post i guess –


  • Lincoln in the Bardo (*****)
  • Ill Will (*****)
  • Still reading the Sylvia Plath poetry anthology
  • not sure what to read next


  • Girls
  • Better Call Saul (about to finish up before the new season starts Monday night)
  • DMB Live at Folsom Field


  • I logged a little over 11 miles this weekend (run/hiking)


  • Convertible weather all weekend long!
  • It’s hiking season.
  • And running season!
  • First sunburns of the season. Ha!


  • Burrito night (at home)
  • McGurks (with friends)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Itap Chesterfield
  • Sunday morning: D’s breakfast extravaganza.
  • Sunday night dinner date: filet mignon edition.

Quote of the weekend:

  • As spoken by a new to me/old to D friend: “I’m so glad you’re not just another *insert D’s ex’s name here*.”


  • Friday afternoon: various house decor/a few articles of clothing for me
  • LLR outfit from a local consultant (xs classic tee and s cassie)
  • Ann Taylor Loft – $98 worth of jewelry: mostly chokers.
  • JCrew – army green military style shirt dress that D fell in love with.
  • Kate Spade – black tote & perfume
  • Nine West: pair of black sandals, pair of black peep toe wedges.
  • Plus all the shit we bought for D.


  • D is taking me to Key West as an anniversary present.
  • Adults only resort.
  • Private plunge pool.
  • Five motherfucking years, dude!
  • We booked the trip tonight so it is for real happening!

Sad Face!!!

  • D is leaving tomorrow for three nights and I will MIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS him.
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