I was asked to list five things I love so here I am giving you sixteen because why the fuck not?

  1. Sleeping until I wake up on my own
  2. When D tells me I’m sexy
  3. When D fondles my ass when we make out
  4. When my kids say they love me completely out of the blue
  5. Those rare days where I’m completely pain free
  6. That first thrust when having sex
  7. Runner’s high
  8. Public displays of affection 
  9. Looking at D while he sleeps
  10. When Jackson runs and jumps into my arms after a long weekend apart
  11. Losing myself for hours in a book
  12. The feeling after doing well at court: a mixture of relief and pride
  13. When I feel my cat’s purrs vibrating through my body
  14. That fuzzy, floaty feeling after the pain meds kick in 
  15. Getting into bed at the end of a long day
  16. Feeling free to be me and not giving a shit if you like it
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