killing me softly

  • My knee really fucking hurts. Like trying not to cry hurts. 
  • It’s so quiet here. 
  • This will be my first night being alone in the house overnight. Weird. 
  • My favorite part of the workday is when I’m alone in the office after hours with my music blaring and just getting shit done. No phones ringing. No questions. No distractions. 
  • I hate people who feel the need to make everything a fucking competition. 
  • Smile like you motherfucking mean it.
  • I sent out some inquiries regarding wedding cakes. 
  • How the fuck am I supposed to run a law firm and plan a wedding at the same time??
  • I’m so grateful I don’t know the full extent of who reads this blog. 
  • I’m going to take a sleeping pill and pass the fuck out. 
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