our seasons

season one

we didn’t know what to make of it
was it true love
or true lust
we had a bumpier road than most
a couple of times we hit the rails
we didn’t know how to get home
but you were a hard habit to break

season two

i told you in a rage that
you didn’t know how to love
and you told me that in that moment
you loved me more than ever before
we learned how to be open
how to live our truths with one another
it was still a rocky road
but we were starting to know the way

season three

walking down the beach
hand in hand
we fell in love
all over again
slowly, very slowly
and then all at once
under the stars
with my toes in the sand
you kissed me and
i knew you were my one

season four

we let the bullshit
of other people’s expectations
fall away
ex husbands and wives were marginalized
and we held onto what we knew
that we were perfect together
we stood on a snowy mountaintop
hand in hand
soaking in the magnificence of it all
marveling at how far we had come
and knowing we would be together

season five

we closed the deal
house built
families blended
ring on finger
our happily ever after
we have found our way home
and it was worth the wait
but we realize that the journey
was just as important as
the destination
and has really only just begun

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