hard pass, my dude

We are good friends with several couples who are swingers and/or poly, so we have gotten to know (through them) a bunch of people in the lifestyle, with whom we are now friends on Facebook. No big deal, right? Well apparently a couple I represent in a bankruptcy case are also in the lifestyle; they found me through mutual friends on FB, and sent me a friend request from their couple’s page.

NO, NO, NO THIS CANNOT FUCKING HAPPEN. There are lines that cannot be crossed, people. Come the fuck on!

It’s times like these when I realize that Saint Louis is a small city.


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One thought on “hard pass, my dude

  1. Awkward… I went out for a drink last night for the first time in months with some friends, and the conversation turned at one point in the night to people we all knew, and had various reasons not to like. While everybody started venting, I sat quietly thinking “nope – not getting into this!”

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