Things (in my head)

  • This is the worst part of every weekend. Fucking Sunday night anxiety. 
  • I took a sleeping pill. 
  • I’m feeling very unwell and have for most of the weekend. 
  • I enjoyed the Girls finale. The final scene made me cry. I identified with Hannah more than ever before in that last moment.
  • D and I have been watching that show for our entire relationship so it feels bittersweet that it’s over. 
  • But…House of Cards soon.
  • Dave is such a good DM. We had our best adventure ever on Saturday night. 
  • The kids are growing up too fast. 
  • Very bad body image day. 
  • I found a new horror author I really dig so now I’m going to read all her books in a row…obviously. 
  • D installed our bedroom ceiling fan and it has made a huge difference. I love it. 
  • We tried something new today: escape room. We did the mummy themed room and managed to make it out in less than the hour time limit. 
  • There’s a King Tut exhibit at the science center I want to go to soon. I may cut out of work early one day this week to go check it out. 
  • I’m feeling angsty. 
  • Clean sheets feel so amazing. 
  • We have a good thing going here. ❤
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