This Monday…

is a day of much sighing and caffeine consumption.

I could get into the whys, but…why? What’s the point? What will it change? It isn’t going to make me feel any better.

I am happy to report that I have the cake vendor and DJ lined up (more or less – just gotta call tomorrow and make deposits) for the wedding. I also have an appointment next month at what is supposed to be the best bridal gown shop in Saint Louis. The lady who set my appointment made sure I understood that their cheapest gowns start at $1200, so I guess I’m about to spend some $$$.

Weddings are fucking expensive, dude.

This morning I (half-heartedly) tried convincing D to elope, but that’s a no go.

The kids and I have to grocery shop this evening and I can’t even tell you how little I want to do so. The grocery store is the fucking worst.

Okay…gotta go yell at people for being incompetent.

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