thursday thoughts and things

  • Today is apparently my WordPress anniversary. 1 year.
  • My month old powder-gel mani is going strong. No chips. It’s just way grown out. I recommend. Local ladies: I go to Zen Nails in Chesterfield. I need to make a trip there this weekend.
  • I’ve decided to give up my lash extensions. Of course, now that I want them gone, they decided to stop falling out constantly. *sigh* I’m going to look a bit cray for a while, I guess.
  • Speaking of lashes, I just ordered Lash Boost from my R+D consultant and I am very excited to get started. Her before and after pics are amazing! Shit is expensive though! Yikes.
  • Speaking of R+D, I’m a week into the Reverse regimen and I like it a lot so far. It’s quality stuff from what I can tell. (If you need a consultant hook up, let me know). I’m supplementing a bit by adding in some emu oil, which I can start using again now that I’ve decided to ditch the extensions.
  • I haven’t had a drink since Sunday, which probably doesn’t seem like much to most people, but it’s sort of a big deal for me. I do love my beer and wine. I don’t have any set amount of time I’m trying to go or anything. I’m just trying to drink less for health and weight purposes.
  • I got a hair cut yesterday. Cut off a few inches. I now have a swing bob, aka a mom hair cut. I told D this morning that I look like a mom, and he was gracious enough to say ‘that’s cool because moms are hot. ‘
  • Four weeks from today I will be vacationing in Key West. Squee.
  • My friend suggested that this weird funk I’m in may be the start of a mid-life crisis. I’ll be 38 in July. Hmm.
  • Whatever it is, I have decided to use it for good. I am committed to bettering myself. I’m starting with the law firm. My business partner and I have been a bit estranged as of late, but we had a very good, honest conversation yesterday that makes me feel hopeful about our future. I need to reinvest my time and energy into the firm, and remember what used to make me feel happy and satisfied.
  • I have a to-do list a mile long and every time I cross something off, three more things get added. I know, I know. Join the club, right?
  • I’m tired.
  • I miss the kids already. It’s a non-custody weekend.
  • Oh and my right knee is swollen yet again.
  • *sigh*
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