This makes me smile.

Today is Admin Professionals Day and since I couldn’t be in the office, I sent each of our three legal assistants a flower arrangement. They were apparently just delivered and my partner texted me: You’ve got a bunch of chicks here in near tears 😊.

These ladies are so very fabulous and it’s my job to make sure they know how much I appreciate them. I love making them happy. 

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2 thoughts on “This makes me smile.

  1. You’re a kickass boss! Our senior partner sent an emotionless email to the admin staff. The managing attorney held a staff meeting, failed to recognize us, and bought a small box of cookies and a fruit bowl afterwards, but didn’t state that it was for recognition of admin professional day. The attorney that I work directly for didn’t even say anything … and she has no excuse, because our desk calendars all state that it was today.

    Can I come work for you? LOL

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