Happy Monday!

First blog post from my new Rose Gold MacBook! Isn’t she lovely?


Speaking of Apple products, the home button cracked on my iPhone 7 and now it doesn’t work, which is a real fucking pain in the ass. There is a virtual button that I can use, but it’s annoying and it has limited functionality. Looks like it’s going to cost like $300 to get it fixed…so that’s fun! This time I’m going to buy one of those ugly ass protective cases and just call it a day. I’m so fucking clumsy, I swear to god.

OMG this MacBook works like a dream though. I love it. Becoming an Apple office has been very exciting.

I’m off today. I usually take an extra day of vacation to recover from travel. Also, I knew my cat would punish me by waking me up multiple times last night. She followed through. I’ve known her for 10 years now so nothing she does surprises me anymore.

It feels good to be home (though our vacation was fabulous and relaxing and just *sigh*). Last night we grilled for the first time this year. We watched a couple of movies. Watched Silicon Valley. Eventually I passed out around 11 pm. I’m still on east coast time apparently.

I have a few challenges in mind for myself regarding some necessary weight loss. I need to lose like ten pounds in order for my dress to fit optimally. I’m going to severely limit my drinking and exercise like a crazy person to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Still waiting to hear if I was approved to start Otezla. I’m so nervous! My knee is feeling fabulous from that cortisone shot, but that won’t last forever.

I have some exciting law firm news I’ll finally get to share later this week. Maybe tomorrow actually. Scott and I just need to inform our staff first.

I don’t have much interesting to share. I mean…there are things, but I’ve decided that some things should be kept close.  Just for me.


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