Keep calm and read on 

The number one reason I wanted to elope was to avoid the following question:

“Are you inviting ______ to the wedding?”

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I have too many family members. I don’t speak to the vast majority of them. Some I don’t even know. Most I don’t even like. This question makes me ragey because it’s always followed by a guilt trip when I say no. 

In other, better news, I believe we may have found our honeymoon locale and it is fucking magnificent. Additionally, we will be doing a familymoon, though we aren’t sure where yet. Ideas are being thrown about. Kauai? Turks and Caicos? Hmm. So much left to figure out still. 

I finally found a cake topper I like. It’s simple and just says “Dr and Mrs.” I found it on Etsy, of course. 

I have docs to sign and send to vendors. I have a payment to make to the caterer. 

I need to book the hotel rooms for the wedding weekend, reserve the limo, upload our song list, schedule our dance lessons, take freya dress shopping…this list goes on and on. It’s a bit overwhelming. 

Still…worth it. I get to marry my gingy and it’s going to be the happiest day of my entire life. I just know it. 

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