other people’s blogs *aka* who i internet stalk

Today’s challenge prompt is: Top 3 favorite blogs and why.

My favorite blogs to read are personal blogs that just deal with the everyday life of the writer. If I have to pick?

  1. D’s blog (duh).
  2. Carrie’s blog.
  3. Kimmy’s blog.

They are all on Tumblr and they are all fabulous. I would share the links, but I’m not sure they’d want me to do that. I have notifications set to alert me when there are new posts but the notifications usually don’t work because Tumblr sucks ass.

Worth mentioning (as I check these out often):

And in the spirit of honesty: I do still check D’s ex’s blog from time to time, but she doesn’t post much, when she does she doesn’t say much, and half the time it isn’t even available to public viewing. I mostly check in hoping to see a pic of (or read about) Freya when she’s not with us. One of my goals for 2017: stop looking at all. Because what does it matter anyway?

PS: still forever grateful my ex doesn’t have a blog, because you know i’d read that shit. haha


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