Product Praise

I wanted to share a few products I’ve discovered recently which I feel are tops.

  1. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost. It’s expensive, but it works. My lashes are looking long and luscious. Much better than extensions. If you’re on the fence: dooooo it. It’s like $120 per tube, but a tube lasts like four months so that’s actually way cheaper than lash extensions. 
  2. Posh Cackle Spackle. I love this face mask. It has spearmint oil, which smells amazing, and has a nice tingly feeling. I can feel it pulling toxins out of my pores and afterward my skin feels amazing. 
  3. LipSense. I just finally tried this today, but I’m already hooked. This lip color is extremely long lasting. I put mine on at 8 am. It’s 9:17 pm now and it’s still on, though very slightly diminished. I reapplied the gloss throughout the day as needed. I need this in several more colors. I’m ready to throw out my old lip products. It’s that good. I ate a bagel and the color didn’t transfer even a little bit!!

If you want to try any of these products, let me know and I’ll hook you up with my consultants. 


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