miscellaneous musings 

I spent the day in wet jean shorts (thanks, Thunder River) and so now I’m in a hot bubble bath. Delightful.

I won $25 in a Lularoe party so I picked up a couple of Azures. 

Cackle Spackle is my jam. 

Step-momming win: telling your tween step-daughter she needs to wear her deodorant every single day in a way that goes over well (no hurt feelings). Phew! 

I’m not sure what I want to do for my birthday next month. I found out one of my friends is hosting her birthday party on my actual birthday and I’m slightly annoyed. 

But on the other hand, I’m going to be 38 and she’s going to be fucking 31, so I mean…whatever I guess. I’ll survive obvs.

Awesome news today on the medical front. My doc prescribed my new arthritis med. I’m so relieved. Of course, now the insurance company is bitching, but hopefully we can get that cleared up asap.

Last episode of BCS tonight. Sad face. 

I got my kid to ride a few new rides today, but it was a struggle. He’s so much like his dad sometimes and it can make me crazy. 


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