• My step-daughter is 11. 
  • She wants me to teach her how to put on makeup tomorrow. ❤️
  • I signed up to become a LipSense distributor! It’s mostly for the discount (ha!) but I’m going to try my hand at a bit of selling too, I think. 
  • Work is a bit of a nightmare this month. 
  • We tried a new to us brewery last night. The beer itself was pretty good but the atmosphere was very meh. 
  • It’s such a struggle to see pics of myself and not tear myself apart. 
  • My meds still haven’t been approved by the insurance co. Mostly because my doctor’s office is dragging its feet on sending over the necessary info. This drug costs $3500 per month so of course United Healthcare will have questions. Fucking duh. 
  • Currently reading Hunger by Roxane Gay and it’s ripping my heart apart. 
  • I’m tired. So tired. 
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