• We have been hosting parties and/or small gatherings pretty much every weekend for I don’t even know how long now. It’s exhausting but I love it. 
  • I’m pumped because tomorrow I’m starting a fitness challenge with my beachbody coach and her accountability group. Our goal is to drop ten pounds by Aug 6th. I need this motivation. The app is pretty awesome btw. 
  • D and I finished (re)watching Game of a Thrones season 6 last night. We’re all ready for the premiere next Sunday. I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is. Season 6 was fucking solid.
  • Whenever I walk into the garage and see my new car, I squeal. Haha 
  • Things have been busy and sort of hectic but I’m happy. Life is good. 
  • I need a nap. 💤
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