hot mess express

  • I spent the entire afternoon at a local pool. Lazy river and water slides with the kids. Not a bad way to spend a Monday. 
  • In an act of desperation, I purchased expensive (non-drugstore) foundation for the first time in my (almost) 38 years. I sat at a cosmetics counter and got shade matched and all that jazz. Here’s hoping it actually makes a difference. 
  • I’m sure it won’t. At least not to my eyes. My eyes seem capable of only seeing my flaws, which are abundant. 
  • D and I have been walking together in the evenings. It’s a nice way to reconnect after a long day, while getting in some exercise. 
  • I’d like to run instead, but it has been way too hot, even for a night run. Ugh. 
  • I have successfully weaned myself off of lexapro. I hope I don’t regret that decision. 
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