I’ve been drinking this shit every day for a week. It tastes terrible but I can feel the difference it makes. This morning’s shake is chocolate shakeo with water, a splash of skim milk, and a handful of frozen strawberries and bananas. My coach puts spinach leaves and peanut butter in hers, but I’m not that brave yet. Anyway, it’s  actually really filling and does seem to curb my cravings. I have a box of vanilla on the way. I’m hoping I’ll like it more. 

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2 thoughts on “Shakeology

  1. I’ve been eating bran cereals just recently (because the kids bought them, and didn’t eat them) – I’m wondering if I could actually survive just eating cereals? 🙂

    • Ugh bran cereals. I once did a two week thing where I ate raisin bran for two meals a day. I lost like 8 pounds, but that shit is not sustainable.

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