out with the old (skin)

I went to the spa this morning for my chemical peel. I received a medium strength glycolic acid peel that was safe to be administered without the assistance of a dermatologist. She prepped my face, applied the acid, and left it for a little over ten minutes. I tolerated it well. It stung a bit, but nothing too terrible. Then she applied a dark spot treatment mask. Afterwards, she moisturized the skin and applied a very protective sunscreen.

For the next 48 hours, I can’t wear any make-up. Just moisturizers and sunscreen. I bought the spa’s brand of sunscreen, which contains 10% zinc oxide and yet glides on like a dream with no white residue and a dewy finish. I think I’m in love. Holy grail sunblock alert! I’m all about the sunscreen, and hats, and generally just avoiding the sun at all costs.

She said my face would start to feel tight, and it definitely does. She told me to expect my face to peel over the next few days, kind of like having a bad sunburn. So far, I have no redness. My esthetician said she was impressed by how well my skin handled it.

I’m excited to see the results! I’m doing a second peel in 6 weeks and I’m thinking I may do the next step up, which has a higher concentration of acid and throws retinol into the mix as well.

I’m getting addicted to the spa. I needed a new addiction, though. Clothes shopping has gotten boring. I have shit hanging in the closet that still has tags. I’m thinking of doing a challenge in August where I can’t re-wear an outfit for the entire month. It’s time to wear these damn clothes!

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  1. You look ridiculously good to start with, so after all this prodding, scraping, and whatever else, I’m wondering what the end result will be. Did you take an “au natural” before photo ?

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