thursday thoughts and things

It is Thursday, right? I’m way out of touch with reality due to staycation.

I miss the kids.
Jackson is with his dad all weekend, and Frey is at GS camp. I’ve been stalking the camp Facebook page and sending pics of her posted there to her dad. (He won’t follow the page because he’s a hater). I think we may get to go see her on Sunday, but that’s an entire thing unto itself. Divorce sucks, man.

A little piece of life advice:
Don’t have kids with people you don’t plan to stay married to because it’s a fucking ordeal.

The good news is that my staycation lasts through Tuesday and so on Monday I’m taking Jackson on a little mother/son outing to Dave & Busters. Should be fun.

I feel sort of bad for taking so much time away from the office, but it has been very enjoyable, and I feel very refreshed/relaxed/happy. I feel like I’ll be super productive when I get back on Wednesday.
The KC office is official as of 8/1 so that is very fucking exciting. My business partner is headed up there next week to set up the phones/WiFi/furniture, etc.

Did I ever mention that the insurance company officially denied my Otezla coverage? Well they did, and so now I have to write a fucking appeal. So that’s fun.

The scale is not budging, and I feel like I blob, but, nevertheless, I persist. I did Pilates Fix today. My ass hurts.

As we are kid free this weekend, we have lots of plans. Friday night is a double date thingy with new friends from out of town. I’ve been told to bring a swim suit. Saturday night is D&D at the Lee residence. We now have two separate adult D&D leagues. We are NERDS. Sunday we hope see Freya, and the plan is to hit up a state park in that area for some hiking afterward. And then there is GoT on Sunday night, which is arguably the most important part of the entire weekend. Haha. I feel like I’m missing something though. I better check the calendar.

Today I had a lovely afternoon with one of my besties, Ms. Carrie. We went to lunch and then got mani-pedis. I love spending time with her. I’m trying to convince her to come blog over here with me. 🙂

D is on his way home. The original plan was to stay in tonight in an effort to restrict calories, but I think we are both experiencing a bit of cabin fever. Kelly is coming over in a bit to try out some LipSense and I think I’m going to convince Dave that we should go out for dinner and drinks afterward.
I can be very convincing when I want to be. *wink wink*

There is a high probability of intoxicated blogging later, as it is Thursday.  But I will likely post anything too racy over on Tumblr. Isn’t that the entire point of Tumblr?




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