moody monday

I woke up in a funk today.
I’m just not feeling myself AT ALL
and I don’t really want to talk about why
or what is bothering me
because it doesn’t even make much sense
even to me
and it doesn’t matter anyway.
This too shall pass.
Normally, I’d get in a workout to help get past it
but my knee is too fucked up to workout today.
Sigh. That’s not helping.
Things that help:
D is being super sweet and supportive.
Spending a full day with Jackson.
His laughter is contagious.
Cat cuddles!
And since it is still staycation for me,
I think I may take a nap.
Sometimes you’ve just gotta sleep it off.
Last day of staycation is tomorrow and
I think that’s a good thing.
I need to get back to my routine.
I have a lunch date with *that* girl tomorrow
and I’m sort of nervous about it
because I’m not entirely sure what to expect
and I’ve never been alone with her
and she has a HUGE crush on me.
My life is weird.
Okay bye.

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