follow up to my previous post

I really fucking hate fake people. You can accuse me of being many things, but fake is not one of them. I own up to my shit. (I’m serious…ask me if I said something? If I did, I will fess up, even if I regret it.) This motherfucker became really tight with my ex after all of the back stabbing shadiness toward him, and I never said anything to the ex because, honestly, he needed all the support and friendship he could get at that point in time, even if it wasn’t 100% genuine. Luckily, my ex discovered for himself a few years back what a fucking tool this dude was/is. (Can we say racist? Oh the things I have heard…) Anyway, I just needed to vent. This motherfucker was so self-righteous about shit that was (1) none of his business, and (2) he knew nothing about, and (3) he kept stirring the pot for his own amusement, when (4) he turned around and essentially did the same shit himself like a total fucking hypocrite asshole. I would kick this dude in the dick with all of my might if I had the chance. Even if it meant an assault charge. Luckily, I know a few good lawyers. Haha.

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