There was this dumb ass dick bag that talked mad shit about D and I when we split with our spouses to be together. (Though he made sure not to tell those same people that he crawled up my ass the second I left my ex, but before he knew about me and D, in order to solicit sex, which he never got because fucking ewwwwww.) Since then, he has ended his own long term relationship, married some other chick he barely knew, and now they are going through an extremely messy divorce. I’m not searching it out, but the drama continues to unfold in my face via Facebook mutuals and a group I’m in with the wife. There are two sides to every story, but I feel like telling his soon to be ex-wife that she dodged a major fucking bullet not spending anymore time on this ass-hat. And also to him: bwahahahahahahaha suck on it, you epic douche bag.  He tried being nice to D not too long ago, which got him blocked. We fucking HATE this dude.

Sometimes you just have to be a petty bitch. Sorry not sorry.