something i feel strongly about

Breast cancer awareness.

Women need to be performing their self breast exams EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Feel your breasts but also really look at them. I first noticed something was off when I saw my nipple inverting as I just happened to be changing my shirt in front of a mirror. I started feeling my breast and noticed small ridges deep in the tissue. It is often said a tumor will feel like a pea or a marble, but that isn’t always the case! If it seems weird, get that shit checked out!


You are not too young to have breast cancer. Don’t buy into that shit. I was diagnosed at the age of 33 and I had clearly had cancer for several years prior (due to the advanced nature of the cancer). I have several friends who were diagnosed in their twenties! Cancer doesn’t care how old you are.

If you feel something weird, get it checked out. Don’t let doctors tell you “you’re too young…” Speak up! Fight to be heard. Insist upon a mammogram. I know it isn’t always easy to stand up to authority figures, especially experts, but nobody is a bigger expert regarding your body than you are. Remember…you’re the one who lives with the consequences if the medical professionals are wrong. The NP at Planned Parenthood told me there was no way I had breast cancer, as did my primary care physician, but I insisted on getting that mammogram. And it saved my life.

Don’t know how to perform a self breast exam? Go here.

Have questions? Hit me up.

Looking to donate funds to finding a cure? Please consider skipping Komen and donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 91% of donations go to research and awareness as follows: 88% to research and 3% to awareness.

I’ve been told I come on a bit too strongly about this issue, and that is makes some people uncomfortable. If that discomfort saves your life, I’m very good with that.


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