Here we go again 

I’m still awake for some reason, so why not blog? 

I feel like that is an ongoing theme. 

Tonight it was just me and Frey for most of the evening, so we hung out and chatted about middle school. It was good times, and then she passed the fuck out like whoa because her school starts early as hell. This may be the cure for her insomnia. 

I have things I want to say about tonight’s interactions with the ex, but I shall refrain.

There’s shit I wanna say about work too but I can’t here. Too public. 

Tonight I did upper fix and pilates fix. This is the new schedule I’ve decided to follow:

I’m probably going to move the rest day to Friday though. 

Our wedding invitations are beautiful. I need to assemble everything over the weekend and mail them out next week. I’m getting crazy excited. 

D and I are so pumped for the eclipse. So. Fucking. Pumped. 

And Green Day is on Monday! Excited for that too. Our first family concert! 

Oh yeah, so my Posh distributor kit was delivered today and it’s incredible. This pic doesn’t even show all the awesome samples I received as well. 

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