never a dull moment

It has gotten to the point where we are busy every single weekend, which is cool, but I also miss just hanging around with no plans and seeing where the weekend takes us.

I hope this Tylenol kicks in soon, because ugh.

The thing I’m most pissed about with this head injury? I can’t workout today. Boo.

I ordered Dark Pink LipSense this morning and I’m so excited. It looks so Jenn.

I’m skipping today’s blog challenge prompt because I’ve done a similar one before and it’s boring to me anyway. Wanna know what draws me to people? Come meet my fiance.

Poor D was a mess last night after I fainted/hit my head, and I feel so bad about it even though it wasn’t my fault or anything.

Jackson was here too, and he was very concerned, but I had D get him back to bed and chilled out. Luckily, he was snoring in mere minutes, and this morning he seems to have mostly forgotten it.

I feel fucking awful. Ugh.

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