sunday morning list

  • my head is feeling a lot better
  • my cat is driving me fucking crazy with her running around and meowing and being a diva about fucking everything
  • jackson is with his grandmother until this evening so i think D and I are going to go on another hike. our goal is to do one every other sunday.
  • this experience should be a big life lesson on mixing intoxicating substances, but, honestly, it probably won’t be
  • i better learn to crawl
  • my tolerance has definitely decreased recently
  • i’m so bummed that i missed one of my best friend’s birthdays last night
  • luckily we see them almost every weekend and we’re already scheduled to hang out next saturday night. i have presents for him.
  • i just ordered some wedding stuff from etsy. the cake topper and the guest book. the guest book is actually a super cute canvas print of a tree where guests can sign their names in the leaves. i dig it.
  • next up: transportation. kinda dreading that one.
  • got an email yesterday that freya’s dress is in, so we will have to go up sometime soon to pick it up and take it over to be altered. it’s way too long for her.
  • we’re almost at the two month mark for the wedding. whoa!
  • nerd alert: i ordered a D20 necklace from ireland today. ha. i can’t wait for it to get here.
  • ooh sounds like we are going to hike, grab some beers at Itap, and then do some shopping for house stuff. yesssss.
  • D is making me breakfast. I love Sundays.
  • especially when i don’t have to go back to work until wednesday.
  • xoxo

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