this is…tuesday

  • D and I are both working from home today, and I dig it. I love that we can see each other during breaks. Plus, I can see into his study from where I’m working. Right now I can hear him talking about work shit on the phone and it’s hot. Fuck…this dude just does it for me.
  • Today is the last day of summer vacation for Jackson. He starts second grade tomorrow.
  • Back to the grind for all of us tomorrow.
  • The other day, D brought up wanting to do another Yoga Buzz session. Yay!
  • We all got shirts at the concert last night, and Freya wore her shirt to school today. I thought that was pretty bad ass.
  • D and I were talking last night about how we hope the kids will remember the night fondly for many years to come. It was an expensive night, but totally worth it. We are planning to take them to other shows as opportunities present themselves. We especially want to take them to see DMB, which they are pumped about. They also had a list of other bands they want us to take them to see.
  • Our kids are cool. Proud mom alert.
  • I guess I should take a break and go work out. I’m a little worried that once I start my new meds (tomorrow) I’m going to feel too sick to get in much exercise. I hope that’s not the case because I really don’t want to lose the progress that I’ve made.
  • Tonight is date night. Woot woot woot.
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