I don’t have long. I’m swamped today. I’m also extremely fucking angry and disappointed in someone.

I don’t understand the point of giving a non-apology, such as: I could say a bunch of really shitty stuff to you that would make you feel like an asshole, but instead I’m just going to say I’m sorry.

Lol…fucking what?!!! That is not an apology. Not even close.

Something within me has snapped. I’ve had enough. I used to be pretty easy going and let shit just roll off, especially if it would serve the greater good to do so, but not anymore. If you challenge me, I will challenge you back. If you step to me, we will fucking brawl. If you act like a dick, I’m going to call you out. If you issue a half-ass, bullshit apology, I will refuse to accept it.

I’m nobody’s doormat. The world is on notice.

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