misery business

Yesterday was my first day at full dosage of Otezla. I felt bad throughout the day with some stomach problems and a headache, but nothing I couldn’t work through. Then after last night’s pill, I woke up with what felt like the worst stomach flu ever. Chills, nausea, vomiting…etc. I couldn’t even walk because I was so dizzy. I crawled to the bathroom and ended up lying on the floor until D came to check on me. 

I’m slightly better this morning, but still feel outrageously bad. I just took my next dose and cried a little because I’m scared of feeling like that again. 

This shit better work. I will make it through this phase with the hopes that this is my miracle drug. I’m going to be extremely disappointed if it’s not. Chances are I won’t know for sure for several months. 

I’m bummed because I left my laptop and kindle at the office last night when D and I left, because I figured I’d be right back in the morning. Now I’m stuck at home without my stuff. Booooooo. 

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