random thoughts 

Do you remember that game show Supermarket Sweep? I used to really dig that shit. I’d watch it when I got home from school, while I was eating my after school snack. Well…not a snack so much as a couple thousand calorie binge. Usually that was the first food I would have eaten all day because I had this weird eating issue where I wouldn’t let other people see me eat. Keep in mind, however, that I was also extremely underweight. When I graduated from high school, I was almost 5’7 and weighed 104 pounds. Sometimes I’d skip lunch period to hide in a bathroom stall and read so that people wouldn’t ask me questions about food. I was a truly strange and fucked up teenager. 

Oh and I also remember that my high school boyfriend called me sunshine, not because I was bright and cheery, but as a dig because I was dark, moody, and sarcastic. 

Not much has changed in that regard. 

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