here goes…

Vacation is upon us.

Around 1:20 this afternoon, D and I walked out of my office and wandered down to Wildflower for lunch. I won’t be returning to the office until next Tuesday. I am pumped.

It probably seems like I do a lot of vacationing/staycationing, but you would too if you had to deal with my asshole clients on the daily. Taking a week off every couple of months is the only way to stay sane.

Sometimes, it’s good to be the boss.

After lunch, I did a bit of solo shopping, which ended up putting me in a bad mood because ugh everything looks horrid on me. The horrible dressing room lights didn’t help matters, of course. And the vicious three way mirrors. Bastards.

Then it stormed its ass off and I got soaked getting Jackson from after care, because heaven fucking forbid I pay attention to a weather forecast ever, or, you know, actually put one of my several umbrellas in the fucking car. This is a common occurrence.

I have an evening of laundry and packing ahead of me. Do not want.

But…we leave for Chicago tomorrow and I am pretty excited about that. Except I have nothing to wear. *sigh*

I’m in a bit of a funk. I hope I snap out of it soon.

I should do something productive, but instead I’m going to hang with D in the great room and listen to Crash on vinyl.

‘Great room’ sounds so pretentious, I know, but that is the actual proper name of the room, like on the blue prints and shit. We call the hearth room the living room, but I don’t know what else to call this bigger living room other than the great room.

It is a great fucking room to be sure, so it is aptly named.

I guess I could just call it the big living room. But…meh.

Ooh I have leftover Thai food to look forward to for dinner.

And the kiddos are here. Yay! I missed them. They are currently in their own little tween and pre-tween worlds. They just want to hang out with each other, playing Minecraft, and watching shitty Disney shows. Though I bet they beg us to play Rock Band and/or Mario Kart with them after dinner. I’m actually looking forward to that.

I just want to be at home for a while. No social obligations. We have way overextended ourselves with social commitments as of late, and it isn’t getting better anytime soon. I just want to be at home and chilling with the fam. Luckily, we will get a little bit of that on Sunday and Monday (except Freya won’t be here…boo).

This week is actually a prime example of the cluster fuck that is co-parenting. My ex was supposed to have Jackson this weekend but he apparently forgot and went ahead and booked a trip for himself, so I’m rushing home on Friday to make sure I get Jackson from school on time. It’s fine really, because I love having Jackson here, but I had to cancel and reschedule a bunch of plans that had been in the works for weeks. That was frustrating. Yay divorce life!

I’m never getting divorced again. Don’t worry: D knows this. He is stuck with me fooooooreeeeeeevvvvvvver.

Somehow I’m in a better mood now. Blogging it out, for the motherfucking win.

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